How to Make Homemade Wine – The Basics

In every bottle of wine, an artistry is revealed. Each one has its own set of characteristics. You don’t need to own a vineyard to concoct your own wine. Homemade wine can be done by putting together the right tools, ingredients and the right amount of patience. It is affordable, enjoyable to do and is one of the best reasons why you and your friends or family should get together.

Let’s get started. Pour your juice in the glass gallon container and add water. Mix the juice and water well, by vigorously shaking the covered gallon. Mix a half cup of sugar using the funnel right away and then dissolve the sugar completely. Get a bowl of warm water to add a dash of yeast and 2 tablespoon of sugar. Set aside and wait for the yeast to foam up about an inch high, then pour the mixture in your container and shake it again. It is all set to start fermenting. Prepare the balloon. Remove the cover of your container and replace it with the balloon and secure it using your rubber band. In a warm corner, leave the container for about a couple of weeks. In the next few days, the balloon will start to inflate, letting you know that you are doing the right thing. . A couple of weeks later the first stage of fermentation ends and the balloon would have deflated. You can now transfer your fermented wine in the other glass container, being careful not to pour in any residue from the first container. The flavours should lock in after about another 2 weeks in storage.

For the last step, call your friends, set a date for a private wine tasting of your very first masterpiece. You and your friends can start a new tradition out of it. Cheers!