Advanatages Of A Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wine is a common enough drink that there will always be a lot of home owners who store wine in their homes. Wine is served not only for the home owners but also for guests who might stay for dinner or who appreciate a glass of wine. Wine bottles are usually stored in especially designed racks that can accommodate one to several bottles.

A wall mounted wine rack is a rack mounted on the wall with no support from legs. This means that the wall mounted wine rack does not rely on the floor for support but instead it is attached to the wall. Many people like these kinds of racks. They come in various mediums like metal or iron, rattan, wood and even plastic. Some wine rack plans are available online for those who are interested in making their own.

Pros Of Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Some of the benefits of getting a wall mounted wine rack are the space it saves, the reduced risk of it toppling over due to an uneven floor, aesthetic purposes and many others. A wall mounted wine rack saves space because it can actually be mounted over a counter or a small table. This is good for the smaller varieties of wall mounted wine racks, not the bigger ones that practically cover the entire wall. It can also save space because it can be positioned in a particularly difficult to use area in the wall.

The fact that the wall mounted wall rack does not sit on the floor removes the chances of it toppling over due to the weight of the wine bottles and an uneven floor. This reduces the risk of injury and eliminates the need to constantly check if the weight of the wine is right as well as the condition of the wine rack. The key to safety when it comes to a wall mounted wine rack is to follow instructions regarding how to assemble it and how much weight it can actually accommodate.

Many of the available wall mounted wine rack designs are also aesthetically appealing to the human eyes. The designs of these racks are actually not only functional but also very decorative and can suit any number of room designs, especially in the kitchen and the dining room.

Cons Of Wall Mounted Wine Rack

There are very little disadvantages of using a wall mounted wine rack. Some of these are the limit of bottles it can carry, the fact that some people or things may actually catch on to the intricate designs (like bag straps, sleeves etc) and that some may not actually suit all rooms.