Are There Benefits of Red Wine?

There are many individuals who enjoy having a glass of red or white wine with dinner or as an after dinner treat. Although the sensory benefits of wine have been enjoyed for many years, there has been some research in recent years into the health benefits of wine. Although there have not been any found for white wine so far, there are some health benefits found for red wine. Most doctors would not suggest starting to drink red wine purely for the health benefits, but when used in moderation, the health benefits are just a bonus feature to be had along with the exceptional flavor of red wine.

Pros, Cons And Benefits of Red Wine

One of the benefits of red wine that has been found is that, when women drink one, four ounce glass of red wine per day and men drink two glasses, they are less at risk for a heart attack in middle age than other people who do not drink that amount of wine. The reduction has been found to be as much as fifty percent less. Additionally, some studies have shown that drinking that amount of red wine can also help to prevent another heart attack from occurring in people who have already experienced one.

Another benefit of red wine is that it seems to reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body and also raise the amount of HDL cholesterol. This is good since HDL cholesterol is the type that the body needs to be able to process foods in the body and the LDL cholesterol is the type that tends to clog up the arteries in individuals. There are also antioxidants in red wine, especially red wines that have a high tannin level in them. The tannin level is higher the more the wine is exposed to the grape skins. Cabernet sauvignons are usually higher in tannins than wines such as merlots.

The cons of using red wine for these benefits is that drinking alcohol on a regular basis increases the risk of becoming addicted to it. There is also the fact that the red wine has a lot of empty calories in it, so drinking it can increase weight gain in some individuals which leads to health issues. In addition, the same health benefits from drinking red wine can be obtained through drinking or eating other grape products that use the skins of the grapes, such as grape juice or eating the grapes themselves.