Choosing the Best Red Wine

There are many people that would argue that the best red wines are French. However, there are multitudes of others who would argue for a particular type of red wine that is made in Australia, Chile or even California. Finding the best red wine can be different for each individual since people’s tastes differ from each other and the type of red wine that is required for a meal really depends on the meal that is being prepared. There are some people who think that the best red wines are those that are sweeter while others would argue for the dry red wines. The best red wines are those that fit the meal, are pleasing to the palates of the people at the dinner table, and fit into the budget of the host.

Best Types of Red Wine

One of the more popular types of red wine is the merlot. This type of grape tends to mature quickly so that the wine does not have to age as long before consumption and is therefore usually a little less expensive than other types of wine. It is also usually a smoother wine, good for people who are beginning to drink red wines. The merlot is the one of the best red wines because it is so versatile to use. It goes with a variety of different dishes, from red meats, to pastas and even some heavier chicken and fish dishes.

Another type of red wine that is considered the best is the cabernet sauvignon. This type of red wine is dryer than the merlot and has a fuller body to it with more tannins. This red wine is usually used with red meat dishes where the meat is prepared very simply, without sauces or other additions to it. There is also the cabernet franc which has the same sort of flavors as the cabernet sauvignon but is not as well known. These wines all range in price from about six dollars per bottle to over five hundred dollars per bottle, depending on the brand and the age of the wine. This also makes these the best red wines on the market because of the variety in pricing, thus fitting everyone’s budget needs.

A pinot noir based red wine is also considered the best red wine, however, the price of these red burgundy wines is more than the wines listed above. The price is often prohibitive to some people enjoying these wines, thus eliminating them from the best red wine category for certain people.