Delicious Choices in Types of Red Wine

Today, there have been some health benefits found from drinking limited quantities of red wine each day. The health benefits are from the tannins in the red wines, which are usually higher in the full bodied, drier wines rather than the sweeter, lighter red wines. Even though there are some health benefits, there are also cautions about utilizing red wine on a regular basis. The first is that the health benefits only pertain to a woman having one, four ounce glass of red wine per day and for a man, it is two glasses. More than that negates the health benefits and increases the risk of alcoholism. In addition, researchers say that the same health benefits can be obtained from eating products with grapes in them so that people who do not currently drink red wine should not start just to obtain those benefits. They should just eat some grapes or products that utilize the whole grape instead.

Popular Types of Red Wine

There are many types of red wine on the market today. This is beneficial to consumers because they can find the type of red wine that fits the meal that they are preparing or fits their palate. There are certain types of red wines that are more palatable to people who are just beginning to appreciate red wine and there are other types that are full bodied and great accents to spicy meals and heavier red meat dishes.

One type of red wine is the merlot. The merlot is a great beginner red wine since it has a very smooth finish to it that does not turn off the novice wine taster. The merlot is also a great wine to complement a variety of different meals. It goes well with pasta dishes, red meats and even some heavier chicken or fish dishes. The merlot has a fruity, plum flavor to it in most cases and is made in many different areas of the world, such as California, Australia, Romania and Italy.

Another type of red wine that is popular is the cabernet sauvignon. This type of red wine is treated with oak so that it has a slight vanilla flavor to it. It is a great wine to use with steaks and other red meat dishes since it has a fuller flavor to it than the merlot. It often has a peppery taste to it as well which is part of the reason that it complements the red meat dishes so well. These wines are made in France mainly, but are also made in Germany, Chile, Australia and California.