In Reach and out of the Way: Wall Wine Racks

There are many different types of wine racks that are available on the market today. Some are designed for the wine collector who needs to have the ability to scale the wine rack to hold a vast collection of wine as it grows. There are other wine racks that are made to be decorative, adding a distinct look to a kitchen or dining area. There are still others that are designed to be a part of a bar setup so that the wine bottles, openers and glasses are all readily available for use in the wine rack. Some wine racks are designed to sit on the floor and others are wall wine racks, affixed to the wall so that they are out of the way. There are also hanging wine racks that are designed to hang above islands in the kitchen or any other counter space that is not enclosed by cabinets.

Decoration and Utility Of Wall Wine Racks

Wall wine racks are made for both decoration and usefulness in the home. These wine racks are made in different patterns and designs so that they can be sleek and modern or ornate and antique looking. Most of the wall wine racks will keep the bottles at a forty-five degree angle or more so that the cork and the wine are sealed at all times until the bottle is opened. There are some, however, that do not stick to this standard, usually the cheaper wine racks, and individuals who are picky about the taste of their wine should avoid these. The wall wine racks can range from twenty dollars per rack to over seventy dollars and can be made from metal or wood.

There are some wall wine racks that hang on the wall and line the wine bottles up vertically, one above the other. There are others that alternate the wine bottles so that one sticks out one side of the rack and the next sticks out the other side, creating a stair step pattern to the wine rack. There are still others that create a design with the wine bottles so that the bottles are inserted into the rack at various angles in the grapevine or tree pattern of the holder. There are other wall wine racks that are designed horizontally so that the wine bottles are placed in the shelf of the rack and the wine glasses can hang upside down beneath the rack for easy use.