Information on French Red Wine

There are many different types of red wine on the market today as wine producers have found different ways to combine the grapes to make different flavors of wine. There are still certain wines that are made from one type of grape that will only grow in certain regions of the world. For instance, there is the zinfandel, which is only made in California. French red wines have been exalted as some of the best wines in the world today. There are two main regions where the French red wine is grown, known as the Bourdeaux region and the Burgundy region. There are specific types of grapes that grow in these different regions, thus producing particular types of wine.

French Red Wine: Bourdeaux and Burgundy

The Bourdeaux region of France is known mostly for producing French red wines, since only twenty percent of the wine made in that region is white. There are three types of grapes that will grow in that region of France: the cabernet sauvignon, the cabernet franc and the merlot. Each of these grapes is sometimes combined with others to make a different variety of wine, but they are also used in their pure forms to make those types of wines. The merlot is the most available to the average wine drinker as the grapes ripen early and the process does not take as long in aging the merlot wines. They also have a lower tannin level which means they have a smoother flavor than the sauvignon types of wines, thus being a better fit for a wider variety of meals as well as beginning wine tasters. The price of the merlot is also more affordable, although the sauvignons are also are also reasonably priced as well. Usually a bottle of French red wine from the Bourdeaux region can be purchased for twenty to thirty dollars and will be a very suitable bottle of wine for a dinner party or gift.

The wines made in the Burgundy region are more on the pricey side of French red wines. The pinot noir grapes that are used to make these French red wines is very difficult to grow and takes a lot of maintenance, which is the reason for the price difference. These wines are full bodied and go well with rich red meat dishes and some pasta. All in all, when purchasing a bottle of French red wine, people should choose bottles that are in the twenty dollar price range and should determine the meal that will be eaten with the wine when making their choice.