Invest In An Under Counter Wine Cooler

Every home where wine is served should have its own wine cooler. Under counter wine coolers are perfect additions to any living space, from cramped apartments to sprawling mansions. Under counter wine coolers are ideal ways to store wine. Several factors should be controlled in any wine storage area: light, vibration, humidity, as well as the positions of the wine bottle. Both under counter and freestanding wine coolers allow wine owners to control these four variables in their collections.

Light, specifically ultraviolet (UV) rays react with the sediment of wine, ruining the flavor of the wine. Under counter wine coolers solve this problem in an affordable way by providing a dark space for wine, much like a wine cellar.

Many models of under counter wine coolers are thermoelectric, meaning they operate with a condenser. This type of wine cooler is both quieter and vibrates less than a refrigerator, so using this appliance means your wine will not be exposed to troubling vibrations.

Wine coolers that are either under counter or freestanding also allow owners to control the humidity of their storage area. This replicates a wine cellar in homes and other places where wine cellars are simply not practical

Another advantage of under counter wine coolers is the fact that these appliances allow wine to be store horizontally—the way it should be—in order to keep the cork wet and to prevent cork rot.

Where To Put Your Under Counter Wine Cooler

People rarely use trash compactors any more. Trash compactors are ugly, hard to maintain, and even harder to replace. People typically use their garbage disposal to get rid of food, making a trash compactor obsolete for use with food waste. Did you know the presence of a trash compactor in your kitchen could actually devalue your home? No one wants to move into a new house with an ugly 1970’s relic stuck in the middle if their kitchen.

For this reason, many people remove old trash compactors from their kitchens. The resulting empty space is ideal for many under counter wine coolers that are specially designed for this purpose. Under counter wine coolers are excellent uses of dead space left by a trash compactor or other obsolete or broken appliance, such as an old dishwasher.

Under counter wine coolers are inexpensive and add a stylish flair to any kitchen. They can be bought in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Best of all, under counter wine coolers do not have to be expensive to receive top consumer ratings. The Wine Enthusiast Silent 28 Bottle Wine Refrigerator received the top wine cooler review on the Buzzilions web site. This wine cooler is consistently priced below $200.00 and is renowned for its stylish décor, quiet operation, and adjustable shelving, and this is just one of the many under counter models of wine coolers to choose from.