Know Your Red From White Wine

It would be rather too simplistic to divide wines into either red or white colored beverages. No doubt, both the whites and reds have notable points of differences; but, it is not right to stop at just this characteristic because within each category there are several different varieties to choose from and to also learn about.

Variable Wine Costs

Simple bottle these excellent drinks could cost from as little as five dollars to a whopping thousand plus dollars and so it is good idea to learn more about what these excellent drinks are so that you can pick the right ones. To begin with, it pays to learn which foods are the best for different kinds of wine and in general you can consume most any kind of wine with seafood and with turkey and chicken dishes.

If you are fond of Chinese food or even pork then the most suitable wine for you to drink with such dishes is whites. On the other hand red wines are ideally suited when consumed with red meats and with beef and roasts and filets and lamb and even ducks.

Of course there are exceptions and often a good white wine can go down very well with red meats while reds might complement your seafood quite admirably well. However, as a rule you can follow the guidelines mentioned above and never have much to complain about.

Different wines are made in different parts of the world and it would be too exhausting trying to list all the areas where the best wines are produced. Suffice to say that France and Italy are great wine producing countries while at home California is well known for its chardonnay and French colombard and more.

Whites are known to have different varieties that range from being extremely dry or quite sweet and are typically do not need to be aged in wooden barrels. Reds on the other aged in wooden barrels which ensures more complex and deeper flavors and the color of reds is obtained from the pure grapes that are used in the production of such wines.

A wine cellar happens to be, in almost all instances, a room or in very rare occasions, cabinets that are used for the sole purpose of storing and protecting your wines. These cellars are of different types and sizes and will also cost differently depending on their effectiveness. Some of these cellars are very inexpensive and these are most often used by those that need to own a budget cellar.