Review Wine Coolers To Find One That is Right For You

Since most homes do not come equipped with wine cellars, wine coolers a necessary part of every aficionado’s home. A review of available wine coolers reveals that wine coolers are not only smart additions to any living space, regardless of its size, but they are cheap, too. Wine coolers start at only $150, making this appliance ideal for any connoisseur who wants to store and serve wine.

Reading reviews of wine coolers will help you figure out the best one to suit your needs and technical specifications. Wine coolers range anywhere from small, 15-inch models that are designed to fit in recesses the size of a trash compactor to mammoth coolers that can store over 500 bottles.

Use Customer Reviews To Find A Wine Cooler

Reviews by customers on wine cooler or consumer web sites are the best tool to help you choose the perfect wine cooler for you. Unlike reviews written by “professionals,” chances are people who write customer reviews have actually bought the bought the wine cooler they review and have used it for a period of time. Wine cooler customer review sites and blogs have more information than can even be found in a standard wine cooler review, everything from how well the appliance was packaged to how many of various sizes of bottles can fit on what shelves.

Energy Efficient Options If You Are Adding Wine Cooler

If you are adding a wine cooler to your home, be sure to purchase on energy-efficient appliance or you may find your energy costs rising dramatically, since you are essentially adding an extra refrigerator to your electric bill. One option you should consider is purchasing a model with double panel glass doors, which saves energy costs by preventing cold air from escaping, reducing the amount of time the condenser kicks on. Double panel models also have the advantage of keeping out more ultraviolet rays that can penetrate wine bottles, promoting the release of sulfur compounds that can taint the wine’s taste. With today’s thinner wine bottles, the UV threat is even more real. Check out wine cooler blogs and reviews to see which models can give you the biggest energy savings.

A second possibility that wine cooler buyers need to review is investing in a thermoelectric wine cooler, which refrigerates without the use of ozone-busting chlorofluorocarbons, also known as CFCs.

Write Reviews of Your Wine Cooler

A final note: don’t forget to submit your own review of the wine cooler you decide to buy. This will help others in deciding the wine cooler that is best for them. As with any major appliance purchase, search both online and at local department and appliance stores to find the best values on new wine coolers.