The Beauty and Sophistication of Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wine storage racks come in a variety of different styles, colors, materials and designs. Some are made for convenient access in the kitchen or dining area and others are made for long term storage in a wine cellar. Whichever might be the case, the wine racks usually keep the wine held securely in the wine rack and tipped at a forty-five degree angle so that the wine is constantly covering the cork so that air does not leak into the bottle. There are wrought iron wine racks that provide a solid piece of furniture or wall hanging to the home, in addition to being decorative and beautiful to accent any room.

Available Designs Of Wrought Iron Wine Racks

One design for a wrought iron wine rack is a hanging wine rack. These racks can hang on a wall or from the ceiling. The people who use these wrought iron wine racks should make sure that the hooks into the wall or ceiling are capable of handling the weight of these racks since they are heavier than the wood or other metals that are used to create wine racks. The wrought iron wine racks that hang from the ceiling are usually made as a shelf so that the wine bottles can sit on the shelf and the wine glasses can be hung underneath the shelf. There are some slight variations on the ceiling version, but they are generally the same, made to hang over the island in the kitchen to save space. Hanging racks that are made for the wall are often in a wider variation of styles. There are some that look like pieces of art, providing a tree of wine bottles snaking up the wall, or lining them up in a straight line, all tipped to the right degree angle.

Another design in wrought iron wine racks is that of a floor wine rack. These are usually made to look like a small table or cabinet in which the wine is kept. In the smaller versions, the top of the wine rack is flat so that it can be used to accommodate the wine bottle and glasses when they are being opened. Sometimes there is a glass top to the wine rack to make it a better surface for the bottle and glasses. There are other wrought iron wine racks that are made to look like a cabinet where the wine is stored on shelves within it. Since it is all made of wrought iron, the bottles can be seen through the decorative doors of the cabinet and makes the piece a beautiful piece of furniture in the room.