The Convenience of a Hanging Wine Rack

People who enjoy a glass of wine over dinner will often seek ways to store their wine bottles before they are opened in some way other than setting them on the counter of the kitchen or in a cabinet on a shelf. They will not want to take up floor space with a wrought iron wine rack that sits against the wall, even though it is beautiful and ornate, and will seek out a more convenient option. Hanging wine racks are the solution to this problem. These hanging wine racks come in a variety of different styles and materials so that they match any room d├ęcor. They can also be hung from a wall or they can be hung from the ceiling depending on the type that is bought so that the consumer has different options in keeping the wine rack out of the way. There are also hanging wine racks that have the ability to hold the wine glasses as well as the wine bottles so that all of the materials are kept safe and out of the way in the kitchen.

Types Of Hanging Wine Rack

There are some hanging wine racks that hook to a wall and create and artistic pattern with the bottles. In one variety, the wine rack is in the pattern of a grape vine, coiling around and curving up the wall. In the midst of the grapevine pattern, there are wine bottle holders that keep the wine bottles in a forty five degree angle position or greater so that the wine stays adequately sealed until the time of consumption. When the bottles are placed in the wine rack they complete the pattern and blend in uniquely with the grapevine design. In this way, even if the hanging wine rack is empty, the rack itself is a piece of artwork on the wall.

There are also hanging wine racks that have a shelf to them so that the wine bottles can be placed securely in the holder at the top of the shelf and the wine glasses can be hung conveniently upside down underneath the shelf. This display is also beautiful on the wall and makes the bottles and glasses easy to access when they are needed. There are other hanging wine racks that are affixed to the ceiling over the island in the kitchen. These wine racks are similar to the ones mentioned above, with a holder for the wine bottles above the holder for the wine glasses.