Training the Taste Buds with Sweet Red Wine

It is often difficult for individuals that are new to wine tasting to handle dry red wines because of the lack of sweetness in those wines. Usually the best red wine for beginners is to choose a variety of sweet red wine. There are many different options to choose from, ranging from a port, which is very sweet and is a dessert wine, to a white zinfandel which can help the person to adjust to the flavor of the tannins in the red wines. Sweet red wines have more sugar retained in them than the dry red wines. The dry red wines have only a little over one percent sugar content to them which is why they have the dry taste. The sweet red wines are often made with a concentrated amount of sugar in them so that they can be used as dessert wines rather than wines to be had with meals.

Benefits Bestowed By Sweet Red Wine

The health benefits that have been found in red wines are actually obtained from the tannins that are gained from the skins of the grapes. In the white zinfandels and white merlots, the skins barely even touch these blush red wines so that there are not very many tannins in them. This makes them much sweeter to drink but it also reduces the health benefits that one glass of wine can have for an individual.

Once the person gets used to the flavors of these sweeter red wines, then they can move onto wines that are not considered a sweet red wine, but are wines that are smoother to drink than the more extreme dry wines. One of these sweeter red wines is the merlot. The merlot has a plum flavor to it and goes well with many different meals, such as meat dishes and pastas with red sauces. Another semi-sweet red wine is the Chianti which is actually a mixture of different grape varieties and has a fruity flavor to it. Shiraz wines come from Australia and are similar to the Chianti and merlot in that it is smoother than the dry wines but it also has a spicier kick to it than the merlot of Chianti tend to have.

Port, mentioned above, is another option in a very sweet red wine. Port is slightly thicker than other wines and has higher alcohol content to it. It is usually used with chocolate desserts or is used as a dessert in itself since it is so sweet.