Travel The World With An International Wine Club

Joining a wine club is a great way to explore wines that are hard to come by in your area. Wine clubs often scout out smaller vineyards for excellent wines that are not widely available. If you like the idea of unearthing little known gems every month then you are probably thinking of joining a wine club.

Take this idea one step further by joining an international wine club that selects wines from all over the world every month. This type of wine club exposes you to different wine making traditions from all over the world. You can choose to join an international red or white wine club.

International Wine Club Helps You In Making Varied Selection

It’s easy to fall into familiar patterns and stick to old favorites when you have found wines that has worked in the past. However it is always exciting to discover new wines that taste great from all over the world. An international wine club can help to open up a new experience with wines from different countries.

You may be familiar with European wines but with an international wine club you can explore wines from Australia. The Hunter Valley in Australia produces some amazing wines that may not always find their way into the market outside Australia.

Lesser known wine producing regions in Europe include Hungary that also makes great wine. South Africa and South America are also producing wines that are not always popular but have proven to be consistently high in quality.

A good international wine club will not only showcase wines from lesser known wine producing regions but will also help to provide you with information on the wines from these countries and the history behind the vineyards in each country.

International Wine Club Membership Type Decides Adventerous Tastes

Depending on the type of membership you have with your international wine club you are entitled to have different types of wine each month. You want to be able to sample a variety of wines each month, even if it’s just a red and a white from a different country.

Trying the different types of wine will help you to increase your knowledge on wine from all over the world. You may not always enjoy the wines from your international wine club but its all part of the fun of discovering new tastes. Keep an eye out for rare wines from small vineyards, these are the wines that are really special and very few people will have the opportunity to try.