Using A Hanging Wine Glass Rack

Wine glasses are necessary to fully appreciate the wine. In most cases, the wine is drunk in a wine glass with a wide opening and bowl like cup. There are reasons for these specifications. The wide mouth of the wine glass is to allow the drinker or the connoisseur to appreciate the bouquet of the wine while the larger cup or bottom is to enable the drinker to swirl the wine to be able to see its color and smell its bouquet properly.

While not all wine glasses are used for the purposes of smelling the bouquet of the wine and appreciating is color, wine glasses are indeed used to drink wine. These glasses are sometime stored in a hanging wine glass rack by many people. A hanging wine glass rack is a rack that holds any number of wine glasses, hung upside down. The hanging wine glass rack may have some limitations when it comes to storing the wine glasses because its size is dependent on the space allotted to it.

The Usefulness Of The Hanging Wine Glass Rack

The hanging wine glass rack is quite useful because it utilizes the empty space over a counter. This concept may be similar to the wall mounted wine rack which also helps to save space. The concept of the hanging wine glass rack keeps the wine glasses away from the busy atmosphere of a busy bar and yet keeping them within reach when the bartender or someone else needs a wine glass. Another use for a hanging wine glass rack is to keep the glasses basically clean. Since the glasses are upside down, less dirt and debris gets in to them compared to glasses standing right side up in a counter or a shelf.

The hanging wine glass rack is also a great attraction for a bar or a restaurant. The sparkling wine glasses hanging upside down have the appeal of a chandelier. Not a lot of people may have noticed it but the hanging wine glass rack adds to the atmosphere of the bar.

Using a hanging wine glass rack has many advantages. The disadvantages are far outweighed by the advantages. One disadvantage is the cramped space the hanging wine glass rack presents to bartenders who are taller than average but being careful can solve this problem. Storing wine glasses this way is actually a very good idea and economical when it comes to space.