Variations in Wine Storage Racks

There are wine storage racks available on the market today for storing all of the red wine, white wine and all the colors in between. These wine storage racks are designed to help keep the wine in the best condition possible until it is ready to be consumed. The wine storage racks are made to keep the bottles tipped at a forty-five degree angle so that the wine is constantly touching the cork and keeps the seal as tight as possible. In this way, the odors from the room are less likely to get into the bottle and affect the flavor of the wine. They also keep the wine bottles separated from each other so that there is good air flow around the bottles to keep the temperature constant. When the wine storage racks are kept in the kitchen or dining area of the home, they are usually used to store wine bottles that will be opened within a short period of time since the temperature and other conditions are not ideal in those areas and there is only so much a proper wine storage rack can do to help.

Storing Wine On Wine Storage Racks

When using a wine storage rack to store wine for a longer period of time, there are certain considerations regarding the room that the wine will be stored in. First, the room should not allow direct sunlight into it. That is why cellars are often used to store wine. In addition, the room should not fluctuate in temperature more than few degrees at all times. The room should be kept at between forty-five and sixty degrees F for the best quality of wine to be obtained and preserved. The room should also have humidity to it, keeping it at about sixty percent humidity at all times. If the humidity is more or less than that, the cork on the bottle can either dry out and crack or it can become too moist and mold, either way the wine would be contaminated.

Another consideration when using a wine storage rack for long wine storage is that the room should be well ventilated so that smells do not permeate the room and contaminate the wine. The wine storage rack should not be made of materials that have an odor to them, such as woods that have a strong smell like cedar. The wine storage racks should also be made to expand, often being able to stack on top of each other or link into each other so that the owner can expand his collection over time.