What Do You Want In A Wine Cellar Door

So you’ve designed and built your wine cellar. All of your precious wines have a place where they belong, a place that’s temperature controlled and customized just for you. And now, you’re ready to pick your own wine cellar door – and we’re not talking about the doors that wine clubs use when you buy wine at their wine cellar doors!

You Need A Wine Cellar Door!

Wine can be a very fickle beverage when compared to others. It has to be maintained at ideal temperatures, and in ideal places. You can choose to have one built, or even to just use your own basement, but no matter where you build it, the temperature must stay between 45 and 65 °F. There are cooling systems that can help maintain a wine cellar’s temperature, but what good is all of that if the wine cellar doesn’t have a door? All that cool air would just escape back into your house, and your wine would be ruined.

Which Material Would You Prefer For Your Wine Cellar Door?

There are only a handful of companies out there who sell wine cellar doors, and all of them offer countless choices not only in style, but also in material. Classic wine cellar doors are made of wood and are available with etched glass decoration. The glass panels are designed to protect your wine from light, and are sandblasted. Wrought iron gate doors, hand-forged in New England, are available in many decorative styles and built to fit classical door shapes. Some types are heavy wood optional distressed finishes, grilles, and almost all of them have heavy-duty security features, like wrought iron locksets. The most common type of wood used for wine cellar doors is redwood that is 2-inches thick. Mahogany is also a very popular choice. All doors used for wine cellars are insulated to help with temperature control, and come in flat top, arch top or semi-arch top styles.

Important Components In A Wine Cellar Door

A wine cellar door is made up of lots of different parts, each one invaluable in helping to maintain your wine cellar. In addition to the decorative things, like the etching on any glass plates you may have chosen, you may also have put in sidelights. These are glass panels attached to the side of cellar doors, and are available in custom widths. Other important features are the doorjamb, casings, and weather-stripping. And don’t forget the locks! There’s nothing worse than designing and picking the perfect door for your wine cellar, and one day discovering all of it stolen or ruined because you forgot to get a good lock.

Your Door Is Your Choice As Far As Wine Cellar Door Is Concerned

With all the different styles and materials to choose from, you shouldn’t have a hard time picking out the perfect wine cellar door to showcase your growing (or already illustrious) wine collection.