Why Your Wine Cooler Should Be Thermoelectric

Wine coolers are a great investment for any home where wine is served. Wine coolers achieve several purposes at once. First, wine coolers provide an excellent space to store wine when your refrigerator becomes over-stocked. Second, wine coolers prevent UV rays from penetrating your bottles, destroying your wine’s taste. Third, many wine coolers have multiple temperature zones, which allow you to keep your reds and whites at their individual ideal temperatures, all in a compact space. Fourth, wine coolers allow precise temperatures to be kept, unlike wine cellars or refrigerators. Finally wine coolers store wine sideways, which prevents the cork from rotting into the wine.

All in all, wine coolers are a good solution anywhere where wine is kept. They can preserve wines better than wine cellars can, and are an attractive addition to any area of the home, especially the kitchen. When it comes to these wine coolers, buyers have the options of choosing either condenser-based or thermoelectric wine coolers. Thermoelectric wine coolers are definitely the best choice.

Why Choose A Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

If you are cool enough to start collecting wine, you are cool enough to buy an energy efficient appliance. Thermoelectric wine coolers are much better environmentally speaking than their condenser-based counterparts.

First, thermoelectric wine coolers do not use CFCs or HCFCs, which cause ozone depletion after they are released into the atmosphere. CFCs and HCFCs continue to be a top concern for scientists all over the world when it comes to global warming and the penetration of too many UV rays into our atmosphere. Choosing appliances that avoid these dangerous chemicals not only helps save a little bit more of the environment, but it also encourages companies to stop employing this technology in their products.

Second, wine should be stored in a vibration-free environment, in order to keep it from degrading due to disruption in the sedimentation process. Condensers cause a lot of vibration, which is another reason to choose a thermoelectric wine cooler.

Buy A Thermoelectric Wine Cooler With Multiple Temperature Zones

Make sure your thermoelectric wine cooler has multiple temperature zones. This will allow you to keep wines in the same cooler at several different temperatures. Reds, whites, roses, and champagne all have different temperature ranges for ideal storage.

Thermoelectric wine coolers can be purchased for as little as $170, so unless you abstain from the vino, there is no reason not to have one. Thermoelectric wine coolers are sold online and at major appliance retailers.